Girl Rising Ambassadors are passionate individuals who play a leadership role in the global movement for girls’ education. Ambassadors represent Girl Rising all over the globe and bring people and organizations in their local community to take action.

Core responsibilities include:

  • Representing Girl Rising in your community
  • Identifying regional/local organizations that align with the Girl Rising mission/mandate
  • Rallying people and organizations to participate in key campaign moments
  • Reaching out to friends, families, schools and universities to get the word out
  • Posting about Girl Rising in local press releases, on blogs, websites, message boards, social media and more
  • Host events
  • Brainstorm ways to grab attention and raise awareness about girls’ issues
  • Collaborating regularly with the Girl Rising grassroots team to connect our global campaigns to your community
  • Invite others to join the Girl Rising movement

Does this sound like something you’d be interested in?


Meet Some of Our Ambassadors in India

Akshara Jadhav

On behalf of his daughter, Akshara, Ninad Jadhav applied to become a Girl Rising Regional Ambassador. Akshara has more than half a dozen records in her name supporting and highlighting “Love, Care & Educate the GIRL CHILD,” a movement in India. With the momentum of this movement she and her father hope to help raise awareness about Girl Rising. For International Day of the Girl, Akshara and her father, went to a local school and taught young girls about the message of Girl Rising. They created a poster that was over 110 feet long to show the local school girls and convey their message!

Sonali Prasad

A journalist by profession, Sonali’s aim is to bring change in society through writing. She is a member of the International Olympic Press Commission and has been a panelist at the Women in Sport Commission. She hopes to ensure equal representation of women in all spheres. She has been following Girl Rising very closely believes that given the current situation of women in India, there is a desperate need for equality that will come from educating the girl child. She is planning on hosting a Girl Rising event in New Delhi this year, during which she will hold multiple screenings for different schools in Delhi, organize visits to different schools for the underprivileged so that she can introduce the Girl Rising curriculum to the students, and also hopes to partner up with USAID. By holding this event, she wants to raise awareness and get more girls involved in the campaign.

“I want to build a local Girl Rising following in Delhi involving students, teachers, parents, and corporations, to raise funds for a school or a shelter home for abused girls.”