Developed with support from Vodafone India Foundation, Girl Rising Game is a unique mobile application that leverages popular Match-3 puzzle game genre to empower users with the knowledge of social and behavioural mindsets that keep girls from school. Four real stories from The Girl Rising film have been adapted and gamified to inculcate a better understanding of the barriers to education, and of the commonly held beliefs that fester gender-based discrimination.

The objective of this unique mobile game is to encourage people to introspect on their own behaviours and mindsets to weed out discriminatory practices that create inequality between girls and boys.

Arjun Kapoor,a fervent supporter of Girl Rising India, released the application late June with this video!

The mobile application is available to download globally on Android devices free of cost! Features of the game include:

  • Unique gameplay: make match-3 combinations with school stationaries
  • Vivid and moving real stories of girls (across the world) from the Girl Rising film!
  • Hundreds of original match-3 levels and puzzles.
  • Game can be played offline.
  • Available to download in English and Hindi.

To download the game, click here!